Spiral Game System

Our new flagship game system, complete with a new website for building and running your games!


The Spiral Game System is a system for building games. You can consider it a game engine, much like the D20 system.

We are using the SGS engine to build several new games, including Antum and The Wytchheart Machine.

SGS games can be run using our online game app, or on old-school paper-and-pencil.


Key Features

How It Works

In broad strokes, SGS games work similarly to most other RPGs. There are characters, monsters, items, and occasionally vehicles. These are all considered “entities” and all entities have the same set of possible stats and their values are calculated the same way.

Entities have the following categories of stats:

The core mechanic of an SGS game depends on that game’s rules, but generally you’ll be rolling a die, adding a Skill value, and the value of a Primary stat associated with that skill. That number is then compared against a target number or a ladder to determine success.

If you’re making an attack roll, you’ll usually add the die of the weapon you’re using directly to the attack roll. The attack roll is then compared to the target’s Thresholds, and if they’re met, you deal damage to that target. The number of boxes of damage you deal is equal to the number of thresholds you beat. If you’ve taken damage boxes, you take a penalty on your rolls equal to the number of boxes.

In addition to the normal skill-based resolution mechanic, SGS also features a system of aspects, flaws, and tokens similar to the Fate system.

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