Artist: Miguel Santos

Miguel Santos is a freelance illustrator for RPGs, tabletop/card games, and magazines. He is also an indie comic book author. His favorite themes are Sci Fi, Horror, Fantasy, History, and Politics. His dystopian webcomic is here, and his online portfolio can be found here.

The Dawnline

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To the West is the Dark, swarming with Sirens and their kind.

To the East is the Light, armageddon to all that it touches.

Between them is civilization, scattered and hungry.

The Dawnline is a tabletop roleplaying game about a group of vampires protecting a nomadic village on a world where day and night are places, and where all of society lives in the twilight in between.

The Dawnline: Feral States

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There are as many monsters in the world as there are dunes in the twilight. Some are simple to deal with.