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The Lost Soul Blues

Crimson lightning licks the skybound tooth mountains above the plain of magma. The landscape of Hell roils before you. A fell power has beckoned you from the wastes and bound you to a cause. Accomplish it to gain your freedom.

Player Rules

Make a Lost Soul

  1. Pick a creature: Half-breed, Elemental Imp, Sinner-soul, Fallen Angel, Succubus / Incubus, Primordial, Bound Godling
  2. Pick a role: Brawler, Charmer, Spellmaker, Tactician, Diplomat, Surgeon
  3. Pick a power source: Shadow, Bone, Blood, Belief, Souls, Love
  4. Pick a goal: Freedom, Redemption, Revenge, Ascendance, Domination, Service, Rebellion
  5. Write down 6 health.

How to Play

When you do something risky, say what you're doing. By default, you roll 1d6. If you've got one or more traits that that sounds like they might help, suggest them to the GM who can choose to give you +1d6 if it's applicable. If it directly affects your Cause, the GM may also give you +1d6. You can also spend 1 health to gain +1d6. If you get to roll more than 1d6, roll them all and pick your outcome from those dice. If you try to do something very hard, the GM may take one or more of your dice away.

  1. wounded
  2. wounded
  3. wounded
  4. Catastrophe
  5. Complication
  6. Success


If a character takes more than 6 wounds, they have 2 options: recover for a scene, thus changing one of their traits, or create a new character to replace them. What exactly happens to the defeated characters is up to both the player and the GM.

GM Rules

Create a Hellish Adventure

Roll or pick your way through each table to construct an adventure. Alternatively, you go around the group, having each player roll for 1 table until all tables are rolled.

Your Master (1d6)...

1d6 Your Master Wants You To
1 The Queen of Nightmares Retrieve / rescue
2 Ibelica, Mother of Monsters Steal / capture
3 Nakaryon, Collector the Forgotten Plant / place
4 Shyri-Rahul, Eater of Stars Corrupt / convert
5 Vulcanox, Red Wyrm of Avarice Defend / escort
6 Otomoe, Goddess of the Endless Void Destroy / create
2d6 Objective Adversary
2 A demon princess / prince of Belial, The Lord of Deceit, and his wicked sons of pestilence
3 A divine Superweapon hidden by Azathoth, The Chaos Beyond Infinity, and its gibbering shoggoths
4 A primal artifact of Hell Yanluo, Judge of the Dead, and his great dragons
5 A metaphysical concept held by Aka Mainu, The Wrong God, his daevas of disorder
6 A mortal king / queen in the clutches of Lilith, The Unfettered, and her coven of succubi
7 A useful mortal soul held by Lucifer, The Betrayer, and his armies of fallen angels
8 Information from Set, The Typhonic Beast, and his burning scorpions
9 An apocryphon / codex owned by Hun Ahau, Prince of the Devils, and his army of spined fiends
10 The cooperation or allegiance of Legba, The God of the Crossroads, and his smoking hounds
11 A chalice of the blood of Yama, Who Opposes Enlightenment, and his fallen saints
12 A visiting angel in the court of Abraxas, The Great Archon, and his dark syzygies

In The

2d6 Type Place
2 Furnace Shrine
3 Viper Storm
4 Lava Pit
5 Tar Waters
6 Ash Seep
7 Flesh City
8 Acid Mountains
9 Nightmare Maw
10 Grasping Spine
11 Frigid Arena
12 Fungal Shard


2d6 Type 1 2 3 4 5 6
2 Fiendish Beasts Bat Harpies Obsidian Rhinos Moon Spiders Jackal Imps Magma Leviathan Gnashing Megaserpent
3 Native Demons Abyssal Ancient Ashwalker Hundred Handed One Ashwalker Overlord Roving Nephilim Primordial
4 Potential Allies A small tribe of weak demonlings A wizened mortal occultist A chained titan A traitorous agent of the enemy Roll on the Aversary or Master table An angel pretending to be a demon
5 Complications Prerequisite Task A new adversary rises to interfere The adversary knows It's the wrong adversary Betrayal Success was only a small step
6 Adversary's Minions Horde of adversary's soldiers Fiendish Mercenary Company Bloodhound Bountyhunters Nightgaunt Assassins Adversary's chosen spellmage A powerful lieutenant of the adversary
7 Physical Barriers Forest of blades River of Lava Fortifications The route has changed Insurmountable Cliff or Canyon Avalanch of Ice and Lightning
8 Foul Weather Rain of meteorites Mist of Salt and Acid Icy Razor Wind Hallucinatory Blood Fog Nether Storm Divine Deluge
9 Wild Cards Belphis, the Slither in the Dark Demoloch, King of Steel Nabbaelzebus the Demagogue Ivalech, the Softest Knife Valhanth the Necromancer Roll on the Aversary or Master table
10 Desperate Sinners Offers soul for escape from punishment Mortal punishment for venial sins Made a deal with the devil Here only by treachery Seeks to sacrifice themselves for a loved one An actual innocent soul
11 Metaphysical Barriers A series of magical wards virtue or vice must be proven to proceed Holy relic causes psychic pain Lethal holy light shines down A sacrifice is required to proceed Direct Interference from Heaven
12 Internal Conflict A new option becomes available Second thoughts about the cause Maybe master lied Choose between two terrible options A counter-offer from the enemy Master definitely lied

Running the Game

Play to find out. Plant doubt that their master will free them. Complicate their mission. Describe bizarre lands & terrible creatures. Don't stop the action, keep the story rolling. Roll or pick fresh opposition when you're out of ideas.

Possible ways for PCs to gain dice

  • Base Roll
  • Traits
  • Pay Health
  • Cause
  • Equipment


Difficulty Penalty Example
Normal -0d6 Climb a craggy cliff, wound hellspawn, temporarily bind a lesser creature to service
Challenging -1d6 Shatter a stone wall, wound a powerful demon, break a potent enchantment
Extraordinary -2d6 Wound a demon major, break down a huge obsidian edifice, endure holy light
Unbelievable -3d6 Wound a god or dark lord, travel between planes of existence

Advancement & Rewards

  • more traits
  • more health
  • an Item, Weapon, Armor, or Artifact
  • Special Powers
    • Diplomatic Honors
    • Travelling Merchant
    • Agent of the Master
  • Escape & narrate your what you do afterwards

Other Stuff


  • Hardcore Mode
    • When a PC is defeated, their character becomes a soul. They are stripped of all power and abilities. They effectively become a talking item, but cannot perform actions or roll dice.
  • Meat Grinder
    • When you roll 1-3, you take that many wounds, instead of just 1.
  • Bargain Basement Souls
    • Skip Creature and Power Source traits in character creation.