In the wake of the fall of the Empire, the Succession Wars have claimed millions of lives. The once-bustling lands are gearing up for war, clan against clan, caste against caste, and man against spirit.

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Wa (short for "Wasureimonogatari") is an action-oriented, table-top role-playing-focused game set in a fantasy version of feudal Japan, where spirits, monsters, and kami are all very real.

Wa is a table-top game in the tradition of Dungeons & Dragons and Legend of the Five Rings, but where it differs is that it focuses on the role-playing, storytelling aspect of table-top gaming rather than statistics or rules minutia. Our Kickstarter funding will be used for the most important two chapters of the book: the Scroll of Laws (i.e. the game rules) and the Scroll of Mastery (how to run the game). Our stretch goals cover the rest of the chapters all the way up to completion of the entire book (Have a look below to see how our Stretch Goals play out).

If you love intense anime, manga, and role-playing games, this is the game for you.

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Game Themes

Wa is built around the finest, most tried-and-true, sword-tested tropes from anime and manga. In Wa, you'll see beast people, katana-wielding samurai, ki-powered ninja, spiritually enlightened shugenja, ancient mountain hermits, and powerful blood ties that go back for millennia. Combat is explosive, quick, and merciless. Your heroes will master powers of your choosing, and wield them against a vast array of foes, from possessed paper lanterns to powerful samurai generals to conniving corrupt kami.

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Streamlined Combat

Wa's game system is unique. It walks the line between effect-based and outcome-based systems, providing a general framework for how attacks and defenses should work, while allowing you to describe the action yourself.

The main mechanic in Wa is an opposed Skill Roll that the player can get bonuses on for interesting role-playing and well described combat techniques. This means that while there is a random element to combat, players who really need to succeed on a roll can tilt the odds in their favor by making the game interesting for everyone else!

Creative role-playing and clever maneuvers are rewarded in Wa. Coming up with a way to outsmart your opponent nets you bonuses to your rolls, providing a quick, sturdy mechanic that reinforces good roleplaying. It wouldn't feel like an anime if people weren't kicking boulders at each other and cutting down castles.

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Game World

The Land of Kyokutō is thick with strife. The Succession Wars have taken their toll: the common folk have been crushed under the weight of the Clan armies, the samurai have been forced into conflict after conflict, and the Daimyo themselves are constantly under threat of assassination.

Not even the spirits are safe. As the shugenja of the armies find new and inventive ways to harness magic for war, they create ever more powerful seals and contracts to bind yōkai, obake, and kami. The reijin, half spirit people with powerful spiritual abilities, are forced into the service of the clans.

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