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Brevity: Simple Universal Roleplaying

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Brevity is a very simple role-playing framework for running games just above the line between Rules Light and Freeform. It's a Generic system and can be extended however you want.

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Gigaspell is a system-agnostic high-magic fantasy campaign setting. System-agnostic means that you can run it with whichever system you're most comfortable with. High-magic means that it features spells and magic far outstripping typical heroic fantasy. Finally, Campaign setting means that it is a fictional world including races, factions, planes, worlds, nations, magic, creatures, sites, and cosmology.

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Ultra High Epic Fantasy: Power is readily available in Gigaspell, and it is deployed with savage ferocity. Wizards are not merely occasional miracle workers, nor limited to little bolts of flame. Big magic happens here, the kind that shatters worlds and reshapes cosmology. The blades of warriors project beams of force, and rogues connive the gods themselves. The gloves are off.

Rule of Cool: Gigaspell runs on the Rule of Cool like a magecycle runs on aetherfuel. Magical experimentation creates super-soldiers, Epochs of war lead turn fertile worlds to wastelands, and hordes of demons devour the World Gods. A repeating shot-cannon

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Rule of Drama: Much of Gigaspell revolves around decisions and choices the characters must make, and the aftermath of these choices. This adds to the drama of the stories told in Gigaspell, and is in fact, integral to the cosmology.

Scale: Gigaspell is epic in both scope and scale. There is a tremendous breadth of world to explore, and there is also an astonishing depth of cosmolgical time and power to investigate. Because the gods are treated as characters as well, the game can span people from the lowest possible castes all the way up to the Overgod itself.

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Cultures and Ideologies: In Gigaspell, the large-scale struggles are not fought between races, as in other role-playing games, but between political and idealogical groups. The Velita do not hate the Cryu the way Elves hate Orcs, but the Elseden Kingdoms will stand against the Karkavian Empire come Azatyuth or the End Times, regardless of the fact that both polities contain roughly the same demographics. Likewise, religions are far more concerned with each other than the makeup of their worshipers.

Contradiction: The lore of Gigaspell is full of contradictions, misunderstandings, and confusion, like the history of any other world. There will be times when these contradictions are important to the story, and it is up to the group in question to determine if there is indeed truth to any side of the argument, or if the truth is something completely different. Though they would prefer not to admit it, even the gods themselves are sometimes wrong.

Cosmology: How the multiverse actually functions is another theme that comes up often in Gigaspell. Sentience is powerful on a cosmic scale. The characters are not simply mighty heroes and despicable villains, but also people with the power to change the world, sometimes quite literally.

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